Two Day Defensive Pistol Class

The Fighting Survival Mindset

“We have to face the fact that this is not the country we grew up in.  There is a brutally violent, morally indifferent subculture that permeates our society.  We are safe only to the degree we are able to defend ourselves.” Tom Russell, Master Instructor with the American Firearms Academy

This two day class will provide you with solid foundation in handgun skill, and a more fully developed “fighting/survival mindset”.

Handgun, holster and belt available for use in class

“I can’t recommend Tom highly enough, the training that I have received from Tom and the experience that he imparts is invaluable. Tom’s training both is useful immediately in a practical way and can be built upon in further classes. Tom also works with each student to advance his/her “mindset” towards higher safety and greater effectiveness.” Aaron Thompson

If you are looking for clear direction from a Master Instructor, then American Firearms Academy is the training place for you. Tom Russell has been recognized as one of the leading authorities in the handgun training arena. He shows respect and patience for all his students as they learn the skills of handgun safety, proper gun-handling, and personal defense.


Skills And Subjects Covered

Range work from 3-25 yards

  • Threat avoidance and engagement
  • The Draw Stroke
  • Dealing with single and multiple threats
  • Effective Carry and Concealment Options
  • The Combat and Tactical Reloads

Cost: $495 + Free CHL/LTC 

  Please call us at 214-912-7455 or complete our contact form with questions. Please specify your class date