The 3 or 5.5 Day Rifle Class provides access to master level rifle instruction at the beautiful N.R.A. Whittington Center just outside of Raton New Mexico.

This class is intended to provide you with the knowledge and skill to make accurate hits at unknown ranges from field positions in minimum time.

Tom Russell received his Master Instructor rating from Lt. Colonel Jeff Cooper and has been helping the novice and experienced students achieve higher levels of skill for over two decades. Having hunted Africa on multiple occasions and taken lion, leopard, buffalo, and numerous species of non-dangerous game as well, Tom is in a unique position to offer instruction and guidance not only in the area of personal security but for the prospective hunter as well.

Marksmanship – You will learn how to hold the weapon, control your breathing, assume the proper field position depending on time and topography, as well as what you should be visually focused on.

Mindset – is key to any endeavor in life, and this is certainly true when it comes to effectively managing the “queen of weapons”, the rifle.  A hunter, home defender, or warrior, properly trained on the rifle in gun-handling, marksmanship, and proper mindset will enjoy tremendous success. Tom highly recommends that students purchase and read The Art of the Rifle by Jeff Cooper prior to attending the class.
Instructor: Master Instructor Tom Russell

Location: N.R.A. Whittington Center, Raton New Mexico

Date: September 9-11

Tuition: $900

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