Are you confident that you could defend yourself in an emergency? Ask anyone who has had a brush with danger – from simply being followed in a parking lot, to an extreme situation like a home invasion. In all cases, if you’re not properly prepared, then you’re vulnerable.

In Texas, we have one violent crime every four minutes - *murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Refusing to become a victim by being prepared to defend yourself is the best way to be protected from violent crime. There is no need to be afraid but there is a great need to be equipped to take charge of any situation.

With American Firearms Academy, you’re trained to use a defensive handgun and will become eligible to obtain a Texas concealed handgun license (CHL). More importantly, you’ll learn about the mindset needed to diffuse a seemingly impossible situation. You will also learn which handgun is best for concealed carry and how to place the gun on your person for comfort and ease.

Tom Russell, certified Master Firearms Instructor, teaches a variety of classes that cover Texas CHL to intensive handgun training. He also teaches rifle classes, upon request. Tom believes in giving you as much time on the shooting range as possible, and places an emphasis on practical learning in addition to gun safety.

Don’t delay – your desire for confident personal defense is an easily attainable priority.

Call Tom at 214-912-7455 or complete our contact form.

*Source: Texas Department of Public Safety, The Texas Crime Report for 2010 (Texas Crime Clock)