continuous training

Continous Defensive Handgun Training

No place to train?

At the American Firearms Academy we have developed a solution, the American Firearms Academy Continuous Training Program.

Everyone is running into the same problem, they want to continue to expand the skills they learned at the American Firearms Academy and learn new ones, but where?

How about the opportunity of coming back to “the mountain” a couple times a month? 


  • Please check back on this page to verify monthly date schedule.

New Drills & New Skills

 You will practice the skills you learned in your previous Private or Multi-Day class, and learn new skills that were not covered in your prior training.

For example, 

  • Stay “Tuned up” and have fun while you’re doing it
  • Learn to HIT on demand at 25, 50, and even 100 yards with your handgun
  • Dramatically increase the speed of your first round hit
  • Learn to draw efficiently from concealment
  • The Tactical & Combat Reload
  • Malfunction Clearance (What to do if the handgun goes down)
  • Be exposed to some handgun cutting edge technology & skills

To qualify for the Continuous Training Program you must have taken at least the One Day Defensive Training Class with the American Firearms Academy.

The Program

Come train at “the mountain” year round

  • 2 Hour Training Sessions
  • 2 Times per Month
  • 12 Months
  • Six Full Days of Training per Year
  • 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • Time: 9am-11am

Cost: $600 a year provides you with two training opportunities per month, typically the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Feel free to use Zelle (214) 912-7455 or Venmo: @Tom-Russell-45