The AR15 Carbine is one of the most effective and efficient firearms available for home defense. Its low recoil, power, magazine capacity, and ease of use, have enabled law-abiding citizens around the country to effectively defend themselves and their loved ones against home invaders. If you don’t have an AR15 you should get one and develop the skill to use it well! We would be happy to help you select a good rifle, properly set it up, and train you in its safe and effective use. Master Firearms Instructor Tom Russell

This 4 hour class will cover:


Carbine Setup

Proper Sight

Trigger Control

Gunhandling, Cleaning, Maintenance

Presentation on the Legal and Moral use of Deadly Force

What to bring:


100 rounds of ammunition

Eye & Ear Protection

Cleaning gear

All equipment, including carbine, is available for rental

Range Location 701 Boddie Rd., Sherman TX

Cost $225

Class Dates:

August 28, 2021

October 23, 2021

Time: 8am-12pm