Blaser Rifles

The Blaser Experience is a premier rifle training program providing students with the opportunity to run the Blaser R8 rifle under the tutelage of a master rifle instructor with over twenty-five years of experience.

Students will become thoroughly conversant with the excellent accuracy and handling characteristics of the Blaser R8 all the while learning proper sight-in technique, rest and braced shooting positions, as well as offhand shooting and the snapshot. 

Additionally, the Blaser Experience will be providing Safari Prep courses for those traveling to the “far places”.  The Safari Prep Class provides rifle training, along with guidance on equipment and accessory selection to help the hunter enjoy the grandest adventure.

Classes will be conducted at the N.R.A. Whittington Center, Joshua Creek Ranch in central Texas, the Skyfall Reserve in north Texas, etc., or perhaps a shooting range of your choice.


Blaser Rifle Program – Building rifle skills through continuous training opportunities

The Blaser R8 Advantage

Safety Lecture & Range Etiquette

Blaser R8 Manual of Arms

Proper Bench & Shooting Technique

Achieving Natural Point of Aim in Field Positions

The Snap Shot

Field Positions

Braced Positions and MORE!

Also, The Blaser Experience, in conjunction with Robin Hurt Safaris, is offering Safari Prep training for clients interested in preparing for the greatest possible success in their upcoming hunt. Whether you’re hunting slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or The Caprivi in Namibia, Robin Hurt Safaris will put you where the game is and Master Rifle Instructor Tom Russell will prepare you for the decisive shot. We will train you on your rifle/s, and a Blaser R8 Rifle in appropriate calibers for your hunt will also be available for you to try out.

Private and Group Classes are available!

Contact US and we will send you a note when classes are set.

The Blaser Experience