Shotgun Scheduled Class Dates

Private Individual and Group Classes are available by arrangement.
  • Contact for Schedule (214) 912-7455
  • Shotgun Class Equipment Required:*

  • Shotgun: 20 or 12 gauge
  • Ammunition: Fifty rounds of light birdshot and ten rounds of Federal Low-Recoil 00 Buck
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Clothing appropriate to weather
  • Gun Cleaning gear

  • *All equipment is available for rental except ammunition.

    Tactical Shotgun Class

    Our Shotgun Class is intended to introduce the student to one the most effective home defense options available.  Within its range the shotgun is the most powerful handheld weapon commonly available, and yet is reasonably priced, and if properly configured it is easy to control.  In the hands of one properly trained in its use the shotgun is a superb tool for self-protection and defending the home.  In the American Firearms Academy Shotgun Class you will learn how to safely and efficiently use the shotgun in these roles.

    Please feel free to contact us for advice on shotgun model selection. Call us at 214-912-7455 or complete our contact form with questions.

    You might also like to review our article dealing with the shotgun in the role of personal defense and home protection.

    Cost: $250.00 for full day of instruction ($200 for first 5 to sign up for the 3/11/2017 Class)