The #1 Reason You Need Handgun Training

Self-defense – when you’re alone, you’re IT, the only one who can protect yourself from harm. You may never need to use a handgun in self-defense, but if the need makes itself clear – then suddenly the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself is be prepared.

Sarah McKinley is an 18-year old with a three-month old baby who never expected on New Year’s Eve night that she would need to defend herself and her son. Her husband had died on Christmas day. She was alone in her home just outside Oklahoma City when two men came to her door trying to break in. Thinking calmly and clearly, Sarah grabbed her shotgun and pistol, locked herself and her baby in her bedroom and called 911. Asking the operator when she could shoot, the operator told her to do what she needed to do to protect her baby. So when the intruder kicked in her bedroom door, 12-inch knife in hand, Sarah was ready with her shotgun and ended the assault before it began.

Sarah did what she had to do to protect herself and her son. But there is an important point to this story beyond her heroic actions. She was prepared – not afraid to use the shotgun, and she knew how to use it. Being backed into a corner is not the time to learn how to shoot. Confidence comes from training and understanding how to handle a gun properly. Learn a lesson from Sarah and be ready to save your life.

We offer many classes, some exclusively for women. You’ll find out how to properly load, fire and defend yourself from a devastating situation.


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